Minimalist LED Lamps

Luminis Lamps lighting fixtures are both practical and elegant. Minimalist LED lamps subtly fit into the ambiance, leaving interesting shadows and details behind.

Illuminating spaces has been our passion for decades. At Luminis, every interior lighting concept is a result of a well-thought-through light and shadow play. Each interior gains its authentic atmosphere through the lighting design process; adding shapes, highlighting structures, and bringing different tones to light.

The lamps can be appointed individually, as well as set up as an installation containing more lamps of different sizes, lengths, and colours. The custom designs of interior lighting features can match spaces of different sizes and purposes.

Approaching Each Space Individually

Interior lighting features should create unity with the rest of the specific space design concept. That is why many architects and interior designers choose Luminis Lamps to ennoble and refine their interiors.

To approach each space individually is essential to finding the right design concept solution. Interior lighting design is a complex process. It requires knowledge of lighting and technical characteristics of illumination fixtures, alongside combining it with the ideas of architects, designers, and investors. To see our projects, visit the Projects section.   

Lighting characteristics are one of the most important factors when designing offices or retail spaces, as well as restaurants bars, and hotels, and all the other spaces. In ambient lighting, in addition to the functional component, lamps also have a decorative one. Therefore, the choice of lighting is an indispensable part of architecture and space design.

Modern LED Lamps – the Lighting of Today

LED is the present and the future of lighting. It is the most energy-efficient and fast-growing technology in the world of light. LED (light-emitting diode) lamps reduce energy, maintenance, and cooling costs, and LED bulbs use 75% less energy compared to incandescent lighting. Also, LED bulbs are more durable than glass ones.

Luminis Lamps range of products includes LED lamps that come with a built-in LED module, as well as the lighting fiixtures that are intended for LED bulbs, and lamps that come with a LED cable.

Using LED Lamps in Interior Lighting Design

Luminis Lamps lighting design is minimalist and simple. Our sustainable lighting fixtures are classy, elegant, and practical.

Called by the size of their outer diameter, the Twenty-five, Fifty-five, and One Hundred-Twenty lamps come in different models and designs. Luminis Lamps in these diameter sizes include brass, suspension, floor, wall, ceiling lighting fixtures and more.

Also named by its diameter size, the Fifty O is an aluminum spherical-shaped lamp, which usually comes in black and white. We can also make it in any colour upon request.

Copper lamps, called by the material of which their lampshade is made, come in different models. The lampshade is hand-made by metal spinning, while the lamp body is made from quality aluminum.

Cup, Cone and Plate lamps make perfect dining lighting. These aluminum lamps consist of the Twenty-five suspension lamp with various lampshades. The lamps also have a LED light source with three choices of optics and three choices of light temperature.

Box 40 is a small cube-shaped ceiling lamp. This aluminum lamp has no visible screws from the outside. It comes in four basic colours: Black, White, Iron rust, and Anthracit. The same goes for Box 80 and Box 100 – lamps of different features and sizes, but same in shape.