To create a space or an image, one needs – light.


Luminis Lamps

Luminis Lamps is a line made with love for the never-ending experience of light. The lamps are made in Croatia, with a strong focus on the detailed quality of every individual lighting fixture. 


Luminis Lamps – Interior Lighting Design

Luminis creates ambient, mood, accent, dining, and task lighting solutions. After three decades of coming up with different design solutions and lighting concepts, we present Luminis Lamps.

Lighting characteristics create spaces and places. The purpose of light is to complete the space and to make a whole with it. That is why the lighting concept is the key to creating a pleasant experience in any given space. Elegant designer lamps can make any interior feel more sophisticated, and appear more aesthetically defined.

Where there is light, there is shadow, and where there is a meaningful light and shadow contrast, there is art. To play with these two forces in the most creative way possible is our mission. Our vision is the world enlightened by creativity, and enriched by the light.  


Lighting Solutions Made Simple with Luminis Lamps


When introduced to the right space, the light discovers its true purpose. The inspiration for interior lighting design is all around us – in nature, in cities, in textures, and in our imagination. Therefore, Luminis Lamps is a product of many creative processes.

For example, some of the lamps are inspired by the world we live in today. Similarly, some pieces were created with inspiration from the past or the future as we see it. Small details can change everything, from form to function. That is why Luminis Lamps designs are simple, elegant, and subtly “decorated” with creative, modern features, that make them special.

Light Creating Experiences and Setting the Mood

The light is all about intimacy. Whether you want to dine, study or sleep with a pleasant experience of light, we provide you with high-quality products that are designed to fit different needs.  

Do you wish to create an intimate atmosphere with minimal lighting features for relaxed slow dining? Or maybe you would like to create a dynamic light and shadow play? How do you wish to feel when you encounter the interior of your dreams?

Each space has a different purpose, and architectural design style. As a result, each requires a different approach and the individualized use of lighting fixtures. Interior lighting can make all the difference in how we perceive a space. It is the lighting that often creates a strong memory of a place.  


Luminis Lamps in Public Spaces

It is easy to make a space feel comfortable and pleasant with the right kind of lighting. Especially in public spaces, like bars and restaurants, a good atmosphere set-up is usually the key to creating a pleasant experience. Therefore, choosing quality restaurant kitchen lighting and table lighting, as well as decorative lighting for hotels, is one of the most important steps in creating the desired atmosphere in a public space.

Luminis Lamps already co-exist with many different spaces in various hotels, bars and restaurants in the country, as well as throughout Europe. We are eager to help anyone in search of an innovative and creative approach to lighting design. See more about our work in the Projects section.